Videos online: “Writing for Publication and Publishing Papers”

At the last EUSPR conference, the Early Careers Forum organised a pre-conference workshop in collaboration with the Science for Prevention Academic Network (SPAN) on the topic of “Writing for Publication and Publishing Papers”. Besides group work and discussion, the workshop featured two plenary sessions. Recordings of these plenary sessions, as well as a short clip to convey the atmosphere on the day, are now available online. You can watch them below or by visiting YouTube.

1. Impressions from the pre-conference workshop

2. Keynote speech by Michal Miovsky on publishing preventive science, with guidance on good practice, ethics, developing drafts, authorship, predatory journals and responding to referees

3. Expert panel with Professor David Foxcroft, Professor Rosaria Galanti, Dr Amador Calafat and Professor Miovský, on their experiences of publishing papers, speaking to editors and publication quality

To find out more about this workshop, please see our earlier post.

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