Blog posts switch to once a month

We hope you have enjoyed the first couple of months of our EUSPR Early Careers Forum blog. We certainly have!

It has been a great experience for us receiving and reading our contributors’ submissions. So here’s a big thank-you to all our contributors so far for sending us really interesting posts, and on time! 🙂

We hope you’ll agree with us that the blog has already managed to fulfil its aim of providing a platform where early career members of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) can present themselves and their work online, as well as openly share their thoughts on the fields of prevention policy, research and practice. We hope it will continue to do this for a while yet.

What you may not realise is that there is a lot of work going into each individual post, as contributors thoughtfully prepare their posts and our small editorial team reviews draft submissions and provides feedback. As of June, we are therefore switching our publishing frequency to once a month (previously every two weeks). This should allow us to maintain the high quality that you’ve come to expect of our blog posts by now.

So, please continue to come back every month or so to check out our latest post, and if you have any feedback on the blog, or you would like to submit a blog post yourself or join our editorial team, please get in touch with Angelina Brotherhood at

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Blog posts switch to once a month

  1. Hi “small editorial team” 😉

    A big thank YOU for all the work you are providing!
    It is a great pleasure to read posts from early careers colleagues about their work and their experience and it is also good to feel and experience what Europe is about – geographically at least, every time the possibility to read a post on the forum is given.
    Thank you for making us closer from each other and thank you early careers for what you share!!
    Looking forward to read the next posts,

    • Thanks very much Boris, your kind words are much appreciated and I’m glad to hear you think so positively of the blog. We hope to keep this going and will probably release a new call for contributions in October or November. Thanks again!

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