Announcing the ECF events at this year’s EUSPR conference in Berlin

Only a few more days to go until this year’s EUSPR conference kicks off in Berlin! Following on from last year’s successful launch, the EUSPR Early Careers Forum (ECF) will be represented at the conference again with a number of events and activities.

We know you’re busy packing and making your ways to airports and train stations right now, so to make your life at least a little bit easier, here’s an overview of our events to help you plan your conference attendance:

Pre-conference workshop: “‘Give me the money!’: how to ask for research funding” (more info, FULLY BOOKED) /Sun, 30 Oct, 09:00-16:00
Early Careers Forum networking lunch (pre-booking required – FULLY BOOKED) /Mon, 31 Oct, 12:00-13:45, Lessing
Postgraduate and Early Career parallel session 1 (more info)
/Mon, 31 Oct, 17:30-19:00, Lessing
Halloween Get-together (more info) /Mon, 31 Oct, evening
Postgraduate and Early Career parallel session 2 (more info) /Tue, 1 Nov, 14:15-16:00, Heilige Elisabeth von Marburg Saal (across the road from the main conference venue, 1st floor)
Giving of this year’s Early Career Researcher Prize for outstanding promise based on a paper or poster presentation at the conference /Wed, 2 Nov, 13:00-13:30, Großer Saal

The purpose of these events is to encourage, highlight and celebrate early-career contributions to prevention research, policy and practice, to offer opportunities for skills development and discussion of professional issues specific to the early-career stage, as well as to engage early-career preventionists and support their integration into the prevention community. The events also offer a space for dialogue between preventionists at different career stages.

So, we really hope to see you there! Please read on below for more info about the Halloween Get-Together and our newly launched Facebook page.

Halloween Get-Together

Boris Chapoton (last year’s winner of the Early Career Researcher Prize) has taken it upon himself to organise an informal get-together on the night of Halloween (Monday,  31st). You can join immediately after the conference for food, or later on for a drink. Early career and non-early career delegates welcome!

One group will set off right after the conference at 19.00 to find a place to eat in the Friedrichshain area. It takes between 20 and 30 min to go there by bus (U2+U5) going from the U “Mohrenstr.” stop (near the conference centre) to U “Frankfurter Tor” stop.

People who would like to take a rest after the conference and join later for a drink should please approach Boris during the conference to obtain more info. Boris will be available during the Early Careers networking lunch as well as at 19.00 when the first group sets off.

And if you’re feeling up for it: Do not hesitate to wear or bring an accessory or make-up to be ready to fit in if we find a place where Halloween costume is “mandatory”! 🎃

Launch of our Facebook page

We’re really pleased to announce that we now have a Facebook page – just in time for the conference!

ECF Committee Member Aniek van Herwaarden was kind enough to set this up – but it’ll be up to you to bring the page to life.

So please, if you are on Facebook: ‘like’ us, post on our page & tag us in your posts and photos from the conference.

Thanks for reading! Hoping to see you in Berlin & safe travels!

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