The Prevention of Violence in Schools in Cameroon

Ezeogu Simone Thierry1, Konfo Tcholong Clémence Idriss, PhD2

1 Msc in psycriminology and psychotraumatology; Professional Member of ISSUP and National Trainer of Trainers on Substance Use Prevention and Treatment

2 Ph.D in Psychopathology and clinical psychology

The following research work was presented at the 14th EUSPR Conference, which took place in Sarajevo in 2023.

In Cameroon, violence in schools has reached a worrying level in recent years. Increasingly constant and deadly, it has become a daily occurrence in virtually all schools. Faced with the scale of this situation, the entire educational community in particular, and all Cameroonians in general, are committed to combating violence in schools. To this end, many platforms like ASBEC (“Association Santé et Bien-être”) are committed to preventing such violence. Based on interventions rooted in the theoretical foundations of multisystemic therapy, we act on the determinants of violence in schools in order to reduce the prevalence of violence in schools. Our approach involves several stages. Assessment enables us to understand the relationship between violence and its overall systemic context. Preventive measures involving the teenager and the members of his or her system focus on the positive aspects of the teenager’s life. Interaction with these different people helps to encourage responsible behaviour and reduce irresponsible behaviour among all those involved. Prevention is geared towards the problems within each system, as well as the interaction between systems. With this approach, we are working towards the primary and secondary prevention of violence in schools in the Cameroonian context.

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